Transformation Savings

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Overall Savings $3,083,343.69

Year 2 July 01, 2020 - June 30, 2021 $1,872,416.85 Year 1 July 01, 2019 - June 30, 2020 $1,210,926.84

Savings: $1,404,744.34

Application Name App Code Amount
Asset Management System AMS $26,654.29
Contract Review System CRS $111,883.50
Data Sharing Agreement DSA $6,382.50
Fleet (Pool Vehicle) Management System IFS $8,020.10
Grant Management System GMS $1,101,072.00
HR On-Boarding System HROBS $95,773.25
Inter-Office Request IOR $20,451.00
Invoice Management System IMS $22,744.80
Time & Leave Management System TLMS $826.15
Travel & Expense Management System TEMS $10,936.75
Total $1,404,744.34

 Digital Transformation | Intranet Apps Savings

The ADE Digital Transformation Savings is a $1,404,744.34 on-going savings for Year 2: (July 01, 2020 - June 30, 2021). This is based on Intranet Apps deployment for different divisions of ADE. It consider:

  • Decreased paper processing costs
  • Streamlined error corrections and manual updates
  • Reduced data re-keying.
  • Improved manual work-flow processing.
  • Shortened signature/approval cycle time.
  • Reinvestment of employee hourly time into employee productivity time.

Currently, for year 1: 2019-2020 transformation, the Intranet Apps have been successfully deployed for Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE); Division of Career and Technical Education (DCTE) and MLK Junior Commission. Year 2 deployment are planned for Division of Higher Education and Arkansas State Library (ASL) and Year 3 deployments planned for AR School for the Deaf and AR School for Blind and Visually Impaired (ASBVI).

Savings: $140,760.00

Application Name App Code Amount
ADE Portal ADE $25,000.00
DCTE Web Portal DCTE $25,000.00
DESE Web Portal DESE $50,000.00
DPSAFT Web Portal DPSAFT $30,000.00
Notice of Intent for Home School NOI $4,200.00
Succeeds Scholarship Program Application SSP $6,560.00
Total $140,760.00

 Infrastructure and Operations (I & O) | Information System Savings

The Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Savings in the Transformation era was achieved by building in-house web portals as illustrated below:

  1. ADE Portal
  2. DCTE Web Portal
  3. DESE Web Portal
  4. DPSAFT Web Portal
  5. Notice of Intent for Home School
  6. Succeeds Scholarship Program Application

Prior to transformation, the ADE and DCTE Web Portal was built and operated by another 3rd. party contractor and these were brought in-house by implementing IT Services shared service model resulting in a direct savings of $140,760.00.

Savings: $4,412.51

Month Category Amount
April Laptop $75.00
March Laptop $175.00
February Desktop $125.18
February Laptop $138.44
January Laptop $130.00
January Tablet $75.00
November Laptop $130.00
November Tablet $150.00
October Laptop $180.00
October Tablet $375.00
September Laptop $467.31
September Monitor $250.00
September Tablet $407.10
August Desktop $275.00
August Laptop $579.48
August Tablet $350.00
July Laptop $300.00
July Tablet $230.00
Total $4,412.51

 Computer Purchase Program | Revenue

The Arkansas Department of Education did the pilot run for the Computer Purchase Program with Division of Elementary and Secondary Education stating July 2020 using its Asset Management System. Till date, the department has registered revenue of $4,412.51 for Year 2 of transformation.

The Computer Purchase Program process involves three (3) distinct phases:

  • Phase I: Employee returns current used equipment; IT Services refurbishes the Asset and send back to Original Employee who has 10 days to decide to buy or give a pass.
  • Phase II: Asset lands in the AMS catalog and any employee can buy one first server-first claim basis.
  • Phase III: Employee uploads purchase receipt as receives from Finance and claims the asset/equipment from IT Services.

Note: Only 1 laptop/tablet (I-Pads)/desktop and 2 monitors are allowed for purchase per quarter per employee to maintain an equitable distribution.

Disclaimer: The disbursement of revenues is among the Department; Marketing and Redistribution section of Office of State Procurement; Computer & Electronic Recycling Funds (as established by Act 1410) and DFA-Office of Accounting (for Sales Tax portion).

Savings: $322,500.00

Description Amount
ADE Microsoft, M365 Tenant including 1075 EQU (A5 licensing) - $322,500 $322,500.00
DIS Outlook Mail Box Charges: 750 Mail Boxes - $54,000 for Next Year: Year 3 Transformation Savings $54,000.00
Total $322,500.00

 Microsoft | M365 Migration

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) along with its all divisions: Higher Education, Career and Technical Education, Arkansas State Library, MLK Jr. Commission, Arkansas School for the Deaf and, Arkansas School for Blind & Visually Impaired migrated from a on-premise Email Exchange hosted at DIS to its own FERPA compliant Educational Tenant Cloud via the M365 solution. The cost savings are identified in two forms:

  1. ADE Microsoft, M365 Tenant including 1075 EQU (A5 licensing) - $322,500
  2. DIS Outlook Mail Box Charges: 750 Mail Boxes - $54,000 for Next Year: Year 3 Transformation Savings

Total Savings: $322,500.00

The ADE Office of Information Technology leveraged the current Campus and School Agreement (CASA) that is in-place with the Department of Transformation and Shared Services (TSS), Office of State Procurement (OSP) along with signing an Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement with Microsoft.