Performance Center

 K-12 Profile


Educational Co-ops 15


Schools 1054


Districts 263
Regular Districts 238
Open Enrollment Charter School Districts 25


K-12 Student Enrollment 479432
% Students qualifying for Free and Reduced Lunches 60.15%


Certified Teachers 33399
Certified Staff 9118
Classified Staff 27086

Arkansas Educator Licensure System

The New License per Year is monitored using the Arkansas Educator Licensure System. The new licenses are categorized into four (4) types: Teacher Certification; Administrative License; Technical Permit and Ancillary License.

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School Year Category Count
2020 Teacher Certification 1843
2020 Admin License 396
2020 Technical Permit 130
2020 Ancillary 8
2019 Teacher Certification 5581
2019 Admin License 702
2019 Technical Permit 319
2019 Ancillary 54
2018 Teacher Certification 5953
2018 Admin License 759
2018 Technical Permit 338
2018 Ancillary 30

Notice of Intent to Home School

The Notice of Intent to Home School (NOI) is the registration form required by law each academic year in order to home school in Arkansas. By submitting an NOI, parents assume the full responsibility of educating their children – including the financial cost of curriculum – that would otherwise fall to the local public school district in which they reside.

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School Year Count
2019 21963
2020 22270
2021 16723

Succeed Scholarship

The Succeed Scholarship Program, Ark. Code Ann. § 6-41-801 et seq., provides a scholarship to an eligible private school for students with disabilities that have an individualized education program (IEP), individualized service plan (ISP), and students in foster care living in a group home or facility that meet eligibility requirements.

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School Year Status Count
2020 Approved 185
2020 In Review 74