Jacob Oliva

Secretary, Arkansas Department of Education

Commissioner, ADE Division of Elementary and Secondary Education

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Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders appointed Jacob Oliva as secretary for the Arkansas Department of Education. Oliva began as secretary on January 10, 2023. The Arkansas State Board of Education also selected Oliva as commissioner of ADE’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education on January 12, 2023.

"Governor Sanders has the right vision to unleash Arkansas education, and I’m excited to get to work on day one to enact it. Education is the key to the future, creating opportunity for all, which is why I’ve spent my career implementing successful early learning programs, empowering parents with choices, and investing in career readiness. I am ready to continue that work here in Arkansas and look forward to working with Governor Sanders to build a bright future for our students." - Jacob Oliva

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ADE Vision

"Every Arkansan is equitably prepared, supported, and inspired to succeed in school, career, community, and life."

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Scholarship Application Management System – Applicant Portal goes ‘live’

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE): Division of Higher Education (DHE) is pleased to announce the release of the new Scholarship Application Management System (SAMS) Portal. SAMS replaces the YOUniversal System.


ADE launches new K-12 Division of Elementary and Secondary | DESE website

The Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education: Office of Information Technology (OIT) is pleased to launch a new version of its website.


ADE Launches Statewide Community Resources | SCR Portal

ADE Launches Statewide Community Resources Portal on ADE Data Center platform.

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Into the Unknown: A Letter to First-Time College Students

Whether you started school this week or last week, you know that the beginning of school is such an exciting time. There are new people to meet, new things to learn, and fresh experiences to have every day! However, this time of year can also be a rather stressful one, especially for students who are taking the leap from a K-12 education to a college one.

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Transformation Savings

Post Transformation., ADE has been able to save $7,366,544.27 in the areas of Digital Transformation (Intranet Apps), Information Systems Development and Human Resources.

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Transformation Savings

Performance Center

Transformation Savings

Check out performances from various programs such as Reading Initiative for Student Excellence (R.I.S.E.), Higher Education Scholarship, Arkansas Educator Licensure System, and more.

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